Poker rules online poker

Poker rules online poker

December 29, 2020 Casino 0

Since the advent of the Internet, poker has become increasingly popular and has become the most popular online game on the Internet. Poker players can play online poker via download, in the browser or live. It is now even possible to play a poker game online via your smartphone or tablet.

When you start playing poker it is wise to read the poker rules carefully. There are many people who do not do this, because they prefer to start today rather than tomorrow because of their enthusiasm. However, you do not want to make unnecessary mistakes and achieve success in the short term; then it is better to read the poker rules carefully.

Different kinds

Poker has different poker varieties. Almost all poker variants are also offered via the internet. Despite the wide range of poker variants, the majority of online poker players prefer a game of Texas Hold’em or Ohama High.

Every online poker provider has different poker rooms where you can enter. The rooms differ per poker variant and what the betting options are. The following variants are offered:

    Texas Hold'em
     Omaha Hi / Lo
     5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi / Lo
     Courchevel and Courchevel Hi / Lo
     Seven Card Stud
     Seven Card Stud Hi Lo
     Razz (7 Card Stud Lo)
     Triple Stud
     HORSE & 8-Game Mix (Mixed Poker Variants)
     Five Card Draw
     2-7 Triple Draw & 2-7 Single Draw

It is therefore always important that you look carefully at which poker room you enter. This way you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and you don’t lose money unnecessarily.

We explain the general poker rules here. It is also possible to get specific information about the rules of Texas Hold’em and Ohama high. On this page we will briefly discuss the rules of the game for Texas Hold’em, Ohama, Stud and Razz.

Texas Hold’em Online Poker Rules

Texas Hold’em is played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 people. After the small and big blind, everyone is dealt two cards and three face down cards are placed on the table. When the pre-flop round has taken place, the three cards on the table are turned over. During the turn and river round, the fourth and fifth cards on the table are turned over. The goal is to use the two pocket cards to make the highest possible combination of five cards with the cards on the table. The person who has the highest number of points takes off with the pot.

Online poker rules Ohama

Ohama is also played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 players. In principle, this variant works exactly the same as the Texas Hold’em variant. The big difference is that the players are dealt four pocket cards instead of two and everyone must use at least two pocket cards to make a five card combination with the deck cards. The chance of a card combination with a high number of points is therefore greater, which benefits the sensation of the game.

Ohama Hi / Lo variant

Besides the general Ohama poker, you also have the Ohama Hi / Lo variant. In addition to a winner for the highest card combination, this variant also has a winner for the lowest card combination. Via this link (LINK to Ohama Hi / Lo variant) you can read more about the poker rules of the Ohama Hi / Lo variant.

Online poker rules Stud

Stud was extremely popular in the 1970s. Today it is still widely played, but is nowhere near as popular as Texas Hold’em and Ohama poker games. The Stud variant does not use community cards. Everyone is dealt three cards in the first round of play, two of which are face down. Every betting round you will see a new card, with which you ultimately have to make the highest possible card combination.

Online poker rules Razz

The poker variant Razz is actually a special variant of the Stud. However, Razz is not about making the highest card combination, but about the lowest card combination. This means that with a Royal Flush you think you have good cards, but that this is not the case. For the rest, the rules are the same as the rules of the regular Stud variant.

The betting options per poker room

When you enter a poker room, you will have to look carefully at the betting options. These differ per poker room. There are many different betting options. The most well-known betting options are limit, no-limit and pot limit hold’em. So pay close attention to this when playing poker online.