Basics of Winning in a Casino

Basics of Winning in a Casino

December 29, 2020 Casino 0

Winning isn’t just the result of blind luck. While some people can win big through blind luck – something that even happens to many people who don’t understand gambling – the lasting luck only happens to professional gamblers who understand the basics. Having luck once in a while is not difficult, even a blind squirrel can still find a corn on the cob. But when a professional player wins, it is not just luck, it is the result of a chain of events.

One night I took in 5000 euros when an acquaintance walked by the casino, not a real high limit casino player, and started talking to me. He said I had been extremely lucky this evening. Even though he knew that I would go home several times with such amounts, he still thought it was luck. This guy only plays for recreation, and probably couldn’t understand what it takes to play as a pro.

Just luck?

I wouldn’t be happy to tell him that the “luck” was actually a combination of a 16-hour investment, 2,000 euros in your pocket to gamble with, hours of research and a wealth of knowledge and experience. I like to share my knowledge with others, but when I gamble, I play to make a profit, not to chat or have fun.

winning in a casino As a professional player, it means that the casino or online casino on your computer is your workplace. It’s your office, your factory, your job. You don’t want to be distracted, even if it’s by friendly people who mean well. This also applies to many casino employees who think that when you sit alone for hours on end at a table, you think you feel alone and are waiting for a chat. When you play, don’t bring friends or family with you. Don’t make friends in the casino either.

Many are there just to have fun, a completely different goal than you have in mind. Concentrate on what you are doing and don’t get distracted. Stay professional at all times. This also applies if you lose. Handle it professionally, try to understand it and learn from it. The art of understanding our mistakes is why we are dominant on this planet, not animals. And don’t forget that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, professional players do too, even those who have already made millions. When those players do that, it often concerns even larger amounts and it is also visible to everyone. If this ever happens to you, accept it and move on.

People who respect you will always continue to do so, even if you suddenly lose. Friends remain friends, even if you suddenly lose a lot of money. If they suddenly no longer want to be friends, then in the beginning when you made a profit, they were actually not real friends, so it doesn’t matter.

Professional player

If you choose to become a professional player, the following things are very important: knowledge, patience, money to play with, selection, discipline and a profit goal. If you take all of this together and apply it properly, you will naturally get lucky. At least that’s what others are going to say about you if you keep winning so often! Many players, especially those who don’t think much of strategy players, say that strategy play is a waste of money and you can only win if you are lucky. I want to say to those players that I am indeed lucky, but strategy players understand that happiness comes from the application of knowledge.

For example, if you go shopping and see a packet of sprinkles for 1.50 euros, but the store across the street has them on offer for 1 euro, then you buy the product at that last store. That is applying your knowledge so that you get better financially. Those who buy the more expensive packet of sprinkles either care little about money, or don’t know that it is on sale in the other store. Of course there are people who just happen to walk into the 2nd store and come across the cheap pack of sprinkles. That is pure luck. In the longer term, only the person with knowledge is profitable.

If you got into a casino and you see a slot machine saying “up to 94.7% payback”, while the casino next door has the same machines with 98% payback, where would you play? A smart player knows that “up to” does not always mean that you reach that 94.7%. And 98% is in any case higher than 94.7%. This is not just about choosing between different slot machines, but generally about choosing which game to play in the casino, or which casinos to choose between. This should be a very logical principle, but many people lose the logic as soon as they step into a casino. Purely because it is so challenging and fun.